Donald Trump has said that the reigning Miss USA will not be dethroned from the investigation into inappropriate behavior at New York nightclubs, but recent reports say that the runner-up is preparing to receive the crown. is reporting that Miss California Tamiko Nash will take over as the reigning Miss USA. Nash allegedly was contacted by pageant officials who said Trump is expected to make the announcement next week.


Pageant organizers say they are reviewing the “behavioral and personal issues” of 20-year-old Tara Conner, who represents Kentucky. They declined to comment further, but reports say the evaluation stems from “bad behavior” at the New York bars. A spokeswoman said that Miss USA is a role model and behavior, such as underage drinking, is prohibited. Conner’s 21st birthday is on Monday.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, Conner has been a “party girl” since winning the crown in April. 


Trump dealt with a similar problem with the 2002 Miss Universe. Russia’s Oxana Federova had her title taken away after violating her contract.


“We had a Miss Universe from Russia that was a total disaster, and we fired her, and Miss Panama took over and she did great,” Trump told CNN.


A representative for Conner says Trump has not yet contacted anyone regarding the evaluation.

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