People that know me also know that I care a great deal about the art of interviewing. It actually is quite simple, spend some time researching the person or subject, come up with a few points, and let the person talk.

You only have to listen to the masters of the art to understand Interviewing 101 and ace it!

There are really only two rules, number one, do not insert yourself into the interview, and rule number two, do not overshadow the guest (for further advice see rule number one). Actually there is also a rule number three, never ever talk about your twins!

Of course there are limits to hitting the ‘go’ button on a guest and letting them waffle. If a guest wants to read Tolstoy’s War And Peace you must intervene. I personally find War And Peace a rather boring and long winded book. But, equally I hate hosts that refuse to let a guest utter a single sentence without cutting them off.

I rather liked this YouTube segment.

I laughed long and hard. Of course Miss Nancy has a large following and some may not appreciate this video. My advice, take it for what it is. It is humor!

Simon Barrett

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