By Elle Gillard

Since the resignation of ‘David Jones’ top model Megan Gale from her role as the face of the company’s fashion department, their has been much speculation and gossip over who will replace Gale in this wonderous role – recent reports have now OFFICIALLY placed young Miss Miranda Kerr as the new face of the popular brand.

Back in 1997, when a 13-year-old Miranda Kerr won the Dolly/Impulse Search Modelling Competition, no-one would have ever expected the young face to be the supermodel that she is today. Sure some momentary fame is expected with the competition; but none as enduring as that of the present. The now 25-year-old has already succeeded in many areas – being the first-ever Australian model to be part of ‘Victoria’s Secret Angels’; making her mark on catwalks world-wide; gracing many of the world’s top fashion magazines; and now being officially selected as the face of ‘David Jones’.

In a written statement, David Jones’ group general manager apparel, cosmetics, footwear and accessories, Colette Garnsey, said: ”Miranda will be a wonderful role model and fashion ambassador to represent David Jones’ unparalleled range of women’s fashion. We have no doubt our customers will respond extremely well to her warm and engaging nature.”

The high-market company hold high regards for the young model and her “Australian attributes” – her beauty, humour, attitude and pride.

“Miranda embodies so many wholesome Australian attributes. She has a natural beauty, a great sense of humour, a down to earth attitude and a love for Australia all of which set her apart.” They stated.

It seems that this news is short of a shock to many fans with reports claiming that “the ink had well and truly dried on the deal long before Gale made her final appearance on the catwalk for the department store in February”, and that the deal amy have infact been signed months as far back as December last year.

The hold-off in revealing the news was apparently the result of David Jones waiting till Gale had ‘well and truly departed’. An action done out of respect for Gale, who has appeared as the store’s fashion face for 7 years.

Gale was not only a model of clothing for David Jones but was a model of hard-work and ambition for us all and had throughout all her ‘David Jones’ years mantained the “squeeky clean” image of not only herself but also of the store’s. It is for this very reason that finding a replacement would have been appeared quite a daunting and difficult task. But, it seems that they have founnd their answer in Kerr and her girl-next-door image.

Kerr began her ‘David Jones’ fame early appearing in most of their Winter catalogues alongside Gale. The New York-based model will now replace Gale on the catwalk at the bi-annual season collection launches in February and August and will star as the face of the David Jones catalogues and advertising campaigns. Gale will continue in a much smaller role as a brand ambassador.

All I can say is that it’s good to see the world-wide success is showing her nation pride and lnding her talent to her Aussie home.

The deal is rumoured to be in the six-figures for the Gunnedah girl.

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