News Item:
Virgin Mary seen in grocery freezer.

There was the Jesus face on toast, not so long ago, that sold for big bucks on the net.  Then there was the likeness of the Virgin Mary on a tree.  Now Mary has appeared again, in a rather chilly place, the freezer box in a Texas grocery store.

I know folks want to believe, but if you look at the photos below, linked from CBS, this one’s really stretching it a bit.  It’s just ice kiddies, condensation that dripped, and wound up in a very ‘unremarkable’ configuration.  The same can be seen under any old downspout, wherever snow melts.  Still, one woman claims she had a lump in her breast, and after visiting the ice formation, it disappeared.  We would like to advise, in all seriousness, that she go have a mammogram, just to be sure.

Full Story: CBS 3

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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