The news today from Capital Hill that our Nations Military Leadership opposes
A timetable for withdrawing troops from Iraq sends a cold bucket of water into the faces of our newly emboldened Democratic Leadership. Nancy Pelosi and Carl Levin should have waited a few days before
Proclaiming their quick fix to Iraq plan – and its withdrawal timetable idea. (“Phased redeployment” in Democrat-speak.)  It will be politically perilous for Democrats to challenge the recommendations of our Military leadership, for fear of looking like they don’t support the troops. The propaganda that was disseminated in the media prior to the election, led one to believe that the Defense Secretary and the White House were ignoring our Military Commanders. It
Appears that this misrepresentation has helped the Democrats regain control of Congress. Now what ?

How will the Leadership handle this news?  How can they keep the public convinced that they have a plan for a new Iraq policy, when they don’t have one at all?  Although John Murtha is a distinguished Veteran himself, the Democrats now must see that he can not be the poster boy for their policy, when his views now position him against the opinions of the Military leadership. John Murtha’s usefulness to the party now must be reviewed, his 15 minutes of fame gone,  he should be packed away and sent home until another sound bite is needed.

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