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Two roadside bombs exploded in northern Sri Lanka’s Jaffna town Tuesday, killing a government soldier and three civilians, officials said. At least 25 others were wounded.Military spokesman Brig. Prasad Samarasinghe blamed the Tamil Tiger rebels for the blasts that appeared targeted at military patrols.

One of the bombs, of a type that can be remote controlled, apparently missed its military target and wounded the civilians. The other blast hit a military truck, killing a soldier and wounding two others.

Earlier, police had found three Claymore mines believed hidden by the Tamil Tiger rebels in the northeastern port town of Trincomalee, Samarasinghe said.

The bombs, found late Monday, “were meant to carry out attacks on our troops in Trincomalee,” he said.

Trincomalee is north of Batticaloa, where an airstrike hit a rebel camp on Monday. The area has been the scene of a number of recent clashes between the rebels and military.

“We took the decision to bomb the target … (which was) an identified Tiger terrorist gathering point,” Samarasinghe said of Monday’s air attack. “Air force sources confirmed that a large number of Tiger terrorists were killed.”

However, a spokesman for the rebels, Rasiah Ilanthirayan, said no Tiger camps had been hit.

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