Mike Rothman (CSO type and blogger) is now a published author in his own write.
What I like about his blog (in Security Incite) is that it takes a balanced approach to computer security (protecting information). His blog considers the technological, as well as, the social aspects of protecting information.
In my opinion, he takes a balanced (holistic) approach to increasingly important issues surrounding protecting information.
In Mike’s own words (from Security Incite):

It is with great pleasure that I announce the availability of The Pragmatic CSO: 12 Steps to Being a Security Master. It’s been an interesting process and I learned a lot. I’m sure you will be pleased with the outcome.

With protecting information becoming a huge issue, the fact that Mike approaches the problem via a learning process says a lot. Issues with protecting information change (sometimes daily).
This book is well worth a look at not just by CSO types, but it might be a valuable tool for anyone, who considers information a valuable asset.
Link to information on Mike’s new book, here.
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