The man many call God’s candidate, former Arkansas’s Governor Mike Huckabee embraced a cherished symbol of southern history and pride by defending the Stars and Bars, displayed below by what one assumes is a group of like minded sons of the south.


While many a white southerner and FOX news host expresses indignant umbrage at the association of the venerable stars and bars with the likes of racist groups like the K.K.K The impression remains if you fly the stars and bars, chances are you are one very, very Caucasian individual.

Before you even reach for that key board to compose a response, P.S. Burton will be the first to say. In the war between the States, see I am even using “states” rather then ”civil” to describe the conflict. 

The south fought with courage and glory defending a cause that was just and noble, States rights. And I will even go so far as to concede the powers behind the  ”disagreement”  that engulfed the Republic. Were for the most part greedy rich Yankee factory owners. 

Fact is most school children never learn. Old honest Abe first attempted to offer command of the Union Army to  a fellow named Robert E Lee.

U.S. Grant was at that point a washed out, hard drinking could have been when the North and South agreed to disagree.

But the other equally stark reality proud southern folk gloss over is for the most part their kin were racist bigots who lived large on the sweat and tears of slaves. They deserved to have Atlanta Burned to the ground. The cause was lost because it was the wrong side in a right cause.  Still many a modern republican presidential candidate has made the trek to BOB JONES University. and G.O.P pandering to racism is alive and well in the twenty first century.

The fact remains stars and bars has no place outside the context of historical observation. Its morphed into little more then a symbol of hate, racism and if you defend it God bless your expression of free speech friend. But you are still a cracker ass and poor white trash no matter how much money you have..

I recall some years past the home for the few remaining widows of the confederacy was on the brink of ruination and it closed because frankly they who yell loudest about the “tradition” and “glory” of the old south seldom do more then gather in a crowd swill some corn liquor and mumble about white southern pride. Truth is they would have asked you all to please go help the Yankees when Stone Wall called muster.

I doubt Mike Huckabee is any more a racist then I, wrapping yourself in the de-facto colors of prejudice however briefly does reveal a disturbing facet of the inner character. “Governor” Huckabee preaches Jesus, he is educated in the scriptures, history, and politics so the signal sent was clear enough.

He will do or say what ever is required to win the republican nomination and the very fact he presents himself as a minister of God tells me he is what the late Jesuit theologian Malachi Martin described as perfectly possessed by self.

P.S. Burton for Blogger Nations

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