Are the Stars and Planets Aligned Right for a President Huckabee?

Did the Signs Point Toward a Huckabee Iowa Caucus Win?

A Look at What Mike Huckabee’s Stars Say, According to Three Sources

Now that the Iowa Caucus is over we thought we’d put together a more “concise” astrological reading on the winners, Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama.

Today it’s Huckabee’s turn to be “astrologized.”

Considered “unscientific,” astrology is considered “the oldest science known to humankind”.

According to

“Astrology is the study of the interactions among the Stars and the Planets, based on intricate mathematical cycles. ”

Contrary to its stereotype as “New Age,” astrology is a science that predates both astrology and psychology. The earliest astrological records date back to 1645 BC in Babylon.

Some might argue that astrology is an “art” instead of a science yet both Copernicus and Galileo were practicing astrologers.

Mike Huckabee, folksy Christian leader and the new darling of the hyper-religious right-wing base, has recently surged in the polls.

I attribute this to transiting Pluto currently trine his Venus/Mars/progressed Pluto conjunction (28 Leo) from November 2 through December 21. In addition, transiting Jupiter is trine his Sun (01 Virgo) for a few days through December 22.

With transiting Mars (28 Gemini) sextile this same Venus/Mars/Pluto combination during the first 5 days of January, it seems likely he will win the January 3 Iowa caucus. His next big bump comes from the Mars station January 22 to February 7 conjunct his South Node/converse progressed Venus conjunction (23Gemini55), and helping him substantially in numerous primaries.

Following this potential bonanza, Jupiter (13 Capricorn) will move to sesquiquadrate the Mars/Venus/progressed Pluto configuration from February 12 to February 20, suggesting he is extremely happy and surrounded by adoring crowds during that period. His chances for actually winning the GOP nomination are quite good.

What do others say?  Are they as optimistic?

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Huckabee: Stars and Planets Align for Presidential Win?

– Huckabee: Stars and Planets Align for Presidential Win? 

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