So, you say you’re a Republican who was so ticked off at Congressional Republicans for not being Republican enough, that you went out and voted for some non-Republicans just to teach the Republicans a lesson? At least that’s what I heard many of you saying on radio talk shows during the days right before and right after the recent midterm elections.

Well, congratulations! You did it. You taught them all a lesson they’ll never forget. You voted in a bunch of people who are even worse than the disappointing Republicans on all those issues that you care about most. Brilliant! Now you can sit back and watch as your new representatives surrender to the insurgents in Iraq, the terrorists and, domestically, the illegal aliens. Your fellow conservatives who didn’t pitch the equivalent of a senseless electoral tantrum send you their heartfelt thanks — for nothing.

I’ve heard of people cutting off their nose to spite their face, but this is ridiculous. If it was any other time it might not be so potentially devastating, but this is post-9/11 and it’s no time to be fooling around with our national security. Just exactly what do I mean by that? Well, let’s put it this way . . .

Remember before the elections when some Republicans were suggesting that al-Qaida would prefer to see Democrats get elected? The Dems reacted with outrage and threw around their standard lines about the despicableness of having their patriotism questioned, etc., etc.

Well, lo and behold if Abu Ayyub al-Masri, terrorist-in-chief of al-Qaida in Iraq, didn’t issue his very own post-election statement issuing congrats all around to the American people, who, in his words “voted for something reasonable in the last elections.” What he meant by that was that the American people, in their frustration over the war in Iraq, had voted for enough Democrats to take the majority in Congress.

Of course, his praise for Americans was tempered by his threats to kill more American soldiers and to blow up the White House the first chance he gets, but the fundamental point that al-Qaida prefers Democrats in power came through loud and clear. Which goes back to my point about this being no time to fool around with national security. Why would al-Qaida prefer Democrats in power? Because most Democrats show no interest in winning in Iraq and desperately want out as soon as possible.

In other words, al-Qaida’s and the Democrats’ desires about Iraq coincide — they both want America out — albeit for different reasons. Al-Qaida wants America out of Iraq because it doesn’t want freedom gaining a foothold in the region and so it can turn the country into its own unmolested terror base from which it can launch attacks on the West. The Democrats want America out of Iraq because ever since Vietnam they don’t think there’s much of anything in this world –short of a D-Day type invasion of American shores by an enemy armada of uniformed soldiers — that’s worth fighting for.

Radical Islam? Please, say the Dems, it’s a law enforcement issue, not some kind of serious threat to Western civilization. Acts of Islamic terrorism are simply crimes which, like any other crimes — prostitution or illegal gambling, for instance, as pointed out by John Kerry — can be contained by law enforcement to some acceptable “nuisance” level.

One is tempted to ask how many destroyed skyscrapers, thousands of corpses and trillions of dollars damage to the economy per five-year period, say, constitute an acceptable level of nuisance, but such things are just so darned hard to quantify. Suffice it to say that the simplistic idea of waging war against the evil-doers will only provide further motivation for them to commit more of their nuisancey acts.

Anyway, our new Congressional leadership would have us believe, radical Islam is just the fringe element of an otherwise perfectly acceptable religion and culture which is neither any better nor any worse than any other, and to look at it any other way would be racist, biased, bigoted, unsophisticated and unenlightened.

Hmm, that’s funny, some might be thinking right now. Every time someone like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell makes some silly controversial statement, those same Democrats are sent into unalloyed paroxysms of panic over the possibility of an evangelical, right-wing Christian take-over of the country. But Islamo-loonies take down skyscrapers filled with thousands of people in Manhattan and it’s all about trying to understand why they hate us and then adjusting our own misguided behavior accordingly. These are the kinds of thought patterns that inhabit the minds of many of the people who have just been handed a lot of power.

Look, if you want a bottom line to chew over, here it is: If we lose in Iraq, America’s credibility in the world is shot and that ain’t good, given that America is the only country on earth that is willing in any serious way to fight radical, apocalyptic Islamic terrorism. Are you starting to wish you hadn’t so cavalierly voted the bums out and put new worse bums in? You should be because true to form, some Dems are already throwing around talk about phased withdrawals and timetables, all music to the enemy’s ears.

Here is perhaps the most important question of our time: Will the most militarily powerful nation on earth — and, concomitantly, the rest of the world along with it — be defeated by a bunch of rag-tag primitives who honestly believe that the creator of the infinite universe enthusiastically provides virgins as heavenly rewards to Muslims who commit barbaric mass murders on this singular dust-speck of a planet? If the recent midterm elections weren’t just an aberration and the peace-at-any-cost-ocrats continue as the dominant power in this country, it is not only possible, but likely.

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