Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace recently experienced a glitch with the security of its apps, and will put a temporary halt on the production and download of new apps. The site’s security is what is ultimately to blame for the issue with the app store, and Microsoft is quick at work to find the fix.

Fortunately, only a few of the apps of the over 100,000 offered is affected, but some are big names like The New York Times, and that can cause an issue due to its popularity. Fortunately, all other apps on your phone should be in working order. This is lucky for users with real security sensitive apps, like ADT’s home security app, for example. In fact, every app currently on your phone should work okay, but if there is an issue, don’t delete any apps as it might take some time to fix the app store’s security.

It appears that most of the phones affected are Windows phones that upgraded from the version 7 operating system to version 7.5, as phones with that came preloaded with the current version seem to be okay. This does, however, bring up any question and trepidation of when a new operating system version is released. Only time will tell with that one.

Microsoft is hoping that this will not affect sales. It seems that may be the case, unless this is a lingering problem. There is not anticipation that this will be a lingering problem, but until a fix is put in place, customers may stay weary, and it will make new buyers think twice.

With the popularity of all things Apple, and with the anticipated release of the newest iPhone 5, Apple might look like it could come out of this as a winner. Security and virus issues is one thing Apple has prided itself in never being susceptible to, and in fact is one of the reasons they have such a good hold in the computer world as well.

With the issues that Windows has had in the past, this might just be another reminder of what else is out there. It certainly makes people think twice before looking past an iPhone that has yet to have problems like that. In fact, the rumored release of the newest in Apple’s mobile devices might be a bigger setback than this mishap.

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