Microsoft has released a beta version of open source manager kit for web developers and its called NuPack for the .NET platform, reports The Register.

Independent web developers for the Nublar assignment collaborated with Microsoft to come up with this package. Upon completion, it was transferred to Outercure Foundation, which is sponsored by MS.

In essence, Nupack is an  open source kit that focuses on the developer specifically working on the .NET .  What it does is it discovers and incorporates 3rd party libraries to applications using .NET.  This is used while developing steps required for intertwining a library package, using automation.

This project is important for various developers: First, for those independent groups of developers from Microsoft.  They figured out that a number of groups were working for toward the exact same solution. So they collaborated to donate Nupack to the Outercurve Foundation, commented Paula Hunter, the organization’s executive director.

Software developer from Microsoft, Veep Scott Guthrie said that the collaboration of the Nupack project development group and Microsoft’s .NET development team is an excellent display of cooperation at its finest between the community of FOSS and developers in a corporation.

He added, the goal of Nupack is to streamline it to be as easy as possible so that it can accommodate open source libraries into .NET works.  Nupack is bound to be shored up in all kinds of Visual Studio versions.

In  a separate statement, Microsoft released a beta form of it ASP.MVC 3 technology and another test version of Web Matrix gizmo.

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