The precedence for Congress to micromanage wars is as old as this country. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington couldn’t get money from Congress to pay and clothe his troops.
Members of Congress interfered with Abraham Lincoln’s choices of Civil War generals.
President Franklyn Delano Roosevelt wisely waited until Nazi Germany sank some American ships before entering World War II. He understood that he needed public and Congressional support to successfully wage that war. This was the last war, where the entire nation was involved; making it unlikely that public opinion would waiver in the struggle.
Congress reacted to the public’s opposition to continuing the conflict and forced President Truman to halt the Korean War at the 38th parallel. It is possible that General Ridgeway and his troops would have prevailed so that there wouldn’t be the rogue North Korea that we face today. 
The Vietnam War was one of the lowest points in American history. The war was started under false pretenses in a misguided, foreign policy adventure. North Vietnam was stunned to find the US capitulating as it resigned itself to losing. A small group of persistent demonstrators accelerated American’s distaste for this conflict. Members of Congress, who originally approved of this engagement, were concerned about losing votes and urged President Nixon to end it. The President, too, was fed up with the harassment and agreed to surrender. Neither he nor Congress had any remorse about the 50,000 lost lives and the many more dismembered brave men and women of the Armed Forces, who fought this ill advised battle for their country. To make matters worse, rabble rousers vilified these heroic Vietnam Veterans when they returned home. Self indulgent President Nixon and cowardly Congress were relieved that this disgraceful heckling diverted attention from their responsibility for the failed Vietnamese disaster and did nothing about this egregious behavior.
The Iraq War was beginning to be another Vietnam until President Bush, in spite of the demands of Congress, the media, and popular opinion, insisted upon utilizing the surge that turned defeat into victory.
One of the drawbacks of having professional Armed Forces fighting our wars is the non involvement of the rest of the nation in the endeavor. We have reached the point in the Afghan War where the public and turncoats of both political parties are clamoring to withdraw. Will this be Vietnam number two? War efforts must include the entire nation if we are to succeed. 
Too many gullible voters treat their members of Congress like children, who can do no wrong. We need patriotic members of Congress, who are only concerned about their country, not remaining in office, if we are to continue as a strong Republic. Vote out the incumbent Congressmen/women in the next election, you owe it to your grand children.
Art Woodrow

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