The Detroit News reports that Michigan is uniquely well-positioned to take up a new manufacturing sector, and become as synonymous with Homeland Security as it has with automobiles.

The article outlines our three qualifications for this new appellation:

  1. We’re a border state
  2. Michigan already has a military research installation and several top universities cultivating engineering talent
  3. Michigan has two very influential members of Congress

The first point is obvious to anyone with a road map: we already have techniqiues and technologies to facilitate safely moving an enormous number of folks and goods across the Ambassador and Blue Water bridges every day. On the second point, Michigan doesn’t just have UofM, MSU and Michigan Tech, but also the Detroit Arsenal, the “hub of the Army’s ground vehicle development.” Finally, in the 110th United States Congress Senator Carl Levin will take over the chairmanship of the Senate’s Armed Services committee, and Rep. John Dingell will re-take his leadership role in the Energy and Commerce Committee.

“I’d say Michigan has an above-average chance to become a leader in homeland security,” said Mark Mills, chairman of Washington-based ICx Technologies, a homeland security-focused government contractor.

“Thanks to the automotive industry, Michigan knows how to make inexpensive, robust and reliable technology. When you’re talking about safety, it can’t fail like a laptop does after two or three years.”

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