Don’t let anyone tell you that Michigan teens are low-achieving slackers. For example, 17-year-old Thiago Olson has built a working atomic fusion reactor in his spare time.

As the machine runs, the atoms in the chamber are attracted to the center and soon — ta da — nuclear fusion.

Thiago said when that happens, a small intense ball of energy forms.

He first achieved fusion in September and has been perfecting the machine he built in his parents’ garage ever since.

Thiago is at least the second Metro Area teen to perform impressively frightening atomic experiments in his home. The first was David Hahn, a Commerce Township teen who built a rudimentary breeder reactor (take that, Iran!) in his backyard in the summer of 1995.

It would appear that Olson is using a reactor design first popularized by Philo T. Farnsworth, who coincidentally also invented the modern television. Both Farnsworth and Hahn were Eagle Scouts, although it is unclear if Olson has also earned this honor.

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