andrew-skelton-9-yrs-old.jpgJohn Russell Skelton is refusing to tell Lenawee County Circuit Judge Margaret Noe where his three sons are other than that they are with an “organization”.  The three boys, Andrew, 9, Alexander, 7 and Tanner Skelton, 5 have been missing since the weekend after Thanksgiving. An Amber Alert was issued for the three children the day after Thanksgiving after the father John Skelton attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself.

alexander-skelton-7-yrs-old.jpgAfter lots of volunteers searched for the boys they found nothing. The Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks feared that the boys had been killed before Skelton attempted suicide. Skeleton arrived in Michigan earlier this week and is being held on a $30 million dollar bond. As of right now he is being charged with parental kidnapping/custodial interference. At the hearing Skelton told the courts that he gave the boys to an organization and since he refuses to tell the court where they are he was ordered to be held pending compliance with a civil custody order.

tanner-skelton-5-yrs-old.jpgSkeleton’s parents visited with him last week and they reported that he told them that the boys are alive and well but he refused to tell them where they are also, claiming he is protecting them from their mother, Tanya Skelton who is a registered sex offender in Michigan for having sex with a 14 year old boy that was a neighbor.

Although there is a $10,000 reward offered for information that will lead them to finding the children, no one has come forth. There has been several hundreds of tips called in but none that lead them to the boys. Police Chief Weeks assures everyone that every tip called in is treated as top priority and is checked out thoroughly. They just haven’t received the right tip yet.

If anyone has seen these boys please call your local police and report it. It is almost Christmas and if these boys are by some miracle still alive please help the police get them back to their family where they can enjoy the holidays. My prayers are with them in hopes that God will lead them home. Look at their pictures, look at their eyes. Remember what they look like just in case you by some chance do see them and then call the authorities.

My prayers always ask that all the missing children be returned to their loved ones especially with us in the midst of the Christmas holidays. May God be with these boys, Haleigh Cummings, Adji Desir and all the others as well.

Jan Barrett

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