Randy Gray, the Midland County, Michigan coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign is also a longstanding active and vocal organizer for the Knight’s Party faction of the Ku Klux Klan.

A number of people have brought this to the attention of the Paul campaign, to which they have had no response. However, quite mysteriously the list of Michigan county contacts on the official site of the Ron Paul campaign has vanished.

It’s just too bad the Ron Paul thugs can’t make Google’s cached pages disappear, because phenry over at Daily Kos has located the missing pages.

Here is what the list of Michigan county contacts at the official Ron Paul campaign site looks like now, and here is what it looked like before the cover-up.

Also, the allegedly independent site michigan4ronpaul.com is suddenly missing Midland County and the name of its KKK coordinator.

Here is what the Michigan County contacts list at michigan4ronpaul looks like now, and here is what it looked like before the cover-up.

Without a doubt the Ron Paul supporters are going to claim that this is yet another conspiracy and it’s a total coincidence and/or complete fabrication every time Paul is associated with hate groups.

As a little icing on the cake, here is the now missing profile of Midland County Coordinator Randy Grey from the michigan4ronpaul.com website. Notice how Ron Paul is smiling and shaking the man’s hand?

If that still isn’t enough for you, then please enjoy the above YouTube clip showing Randy Grey with a freshly shaved head holding a friendly KKK rally. He’s got that whole “angry Führer” thing down pretty well don’t you think??

I know you Ron Paul supporters are still going to say that doesn’t prove anything! How was he supposed to know that guy was a Klansman? Or that time he was photographed shaking hands with most notorious Neo-Nazi leader in America, he of course didn’t know a thing about it.

Oh yeah, and the racist newsletters that were printed under his name for 10 years, many of which were written in first-person he also had nothing to do with. We’ll just chalk that up to a Jewish conspiracy!

But even you die hard “Paulnuts” have to admit that it’s a little strange that no other candidate seems to have his picture accidentally taken with Nazi’s, or accidentally hires Nazi’s, or has racist and bigoted newsletters penned under his name, or has Nazi’s show up at campaign rallies.

How long are you going to keep lying to yourselves? You thought he would be a good candidate at first and maybe you like some his ideas, but your being hoodwinked and it’s time to walk away.

Week after week the evidence of Ron Paul’s ties to right-wing extremists and hate groups continues to mount, and week after week you tell everyone to stop hatin’ on Ron Paul and you just sweep it under the rug. Wake up!

By Chris Jones
The Hot Joints


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