The almighty DNC unleashed their wrath on the states democrats, ‘Thou shalt have no delegates at the convention’. The sin that the folks in Michigan made was moving the caucus up to January 15, rather than Yawn Tuesday! Now most normal people would just say, ‘Who Cares’, if they want to decide who they are going to vote for on the third full moon of the year, at 3am, I see nothing wrong with it. They can vote naked, they can vote using chalk marks on a wall, it is entirely their decision.

Of course the official Democratic party (think about the name, democratic usually embodies the idea of equality) decided that Michigan needed to be punished. And the punishment was no representation at the Democratic Convention. Essentially their votes do not count!

The results are therefore completely worthless.

If I was an active Democrat in Michigan I would be feeling pretty disenfranchised! Not only did the party make a stupid decision, but also the Presidential Wannabes. None of them bothered to ‘stump’ in the state, yet if they get the party ‘nod’, they will be looking for votes from Michigan come election day. And that is going to take some great dancing. Michigan is the heartland of automobile manufacturing, and the ancillary industries that back it up.

The Democratic voters may not move en-mass to the Republicans, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to be a very hard sell. This might be just the kick that the Republicans need.

Oh, and although they have not released actual caucus numbers, I suspect that there were approximately 10 people involved, 5 went for Hillary, 4 refused to come out of the corner, and one guy voted for some guy by the name of Kucinich (I guess he goes bowling with him or something).

Simon Barrett 

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