Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann ® Minnesota became the first prominent Neocon to openly call for the violent overthrow of the Obama administration. During an impassioned interview with fellow Neocon and FOX host Sean Hannity Representative Bachmann abandoned rhetoric and urged armed insurrection. Bachmann seems expressive of a growing sentiment amongst neocons, that the only hope to save America as they see it, may lie with supporters taking to the streets.

What is beyond speculation is the fact since the election of America’s first African American President, thousands of white supremacist, Neo Nazi’s and separatist’s, who ordinarily do not play well together, have begun to forge alliances of common purpose. It is unknown at present if representative Bachmann is directly evolved with any tactical planning such groups may be engaged in, beyond the show of moral support and financial contributions individual members offer in the form of contributions to her campaign. Mr. Hannity on whose show representative Bachmann made the public call to arms, was the first prominent member of the conservative media to actually provide a direct link to websites that polled folks of a like mind on what type of revolution might be effective.

What is also public record is FOX network media Baron Rupert Murdoch’s relationship with extremist conservative groups and individuals at home and abroad who have called for Obama’s ouster by any means possible. Published reports suggest Internet chatter amongst white separatist groups hint of hope that should a couple thousand armed “patriots” as they call themselves create enough chaos in major urban areas, it might inspire the hundreds of mid-level managers and career appointees left over from the Bush era at the pentagon and homeland security, to stage a civil coup for the sake of National security and unity.

Having suffered massive losses in the last two elections, Neoconservative’s are beginning to suggest perhaps the only way to save democracy is to temporarily suspend it, during the election season, the GOP argued organizations like acorn have so corrupted the electrical process it was tantamount to stealing the election from what their polls claimed was a clear conservative majority of the electorate. Prominent conservatives also claim based on evidence they view as credible, Barack Obama is not even legally eligible to serve as president, because he took office before questions concerning his status as a natural born citizen were fully litigated in the courts as required by the constitution.

While most American’s are content to settle differences over politics at the ballot box, Folks like Michelle Bachmann and Sean Hannity apparently feel otherwise, and if they continue to incite listeners toward violence I speculate sooner than later, they will get what they wish for.

That’s my view, yours may be different

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