PS Burton Blogging from Phoenix—Michaele and Tareq Salahi the socialites who crashed President Obama’s State dinner, may have called ahead even if they were not on the official guest list. They may have seen a friends official invite, One with the RSVP number you call to leave your social security number and date of birth.

I also suspect they were on the secret services data base of individuals who have had previous background checks and would have been approved, if they had managed to wrangle a legitimate invite. Considering the prior business and athletic relationship between Mr.Salahi and the Indian government, it’s puzzling they were not on the official guest list to begin with. Perhaps Mr. Salahi’s visit to the Indian embassy a while back, ostensibly to discuss charity polo also included a request for an invitation to the State dinner. Evidently one the Indian embassy choose not to pursue, perhaps because like many of the hobnobbing wealthy these days, the Salahi’s are said to be on the verge of financial ruin.

I assume or at least hope, the secret service detail checked and facially scanned every individual who passed the entry gate that evening and while not on the clip board of invitee’s, if indeed there was even a volunteer from the social office at the first gate with a clip board , I expect their names would have come back on the approved read out device held by the secret service agents stationed at the gate, the one that included the names, birthdates and social security numbers of everyone who called that recorded RSVP number.

I also assume the database is constantly updated so had the Salahi’s experienced a sudden conversion to radical Islam in the previous few days, they would have been flagged. With so many social networking site photos of the Salahi’s glad handing the likes of President Clinton, Prince Charles and various Heads of State, ambassadors and a cornucopia of politicians, celebrities, and social elites its evident they have in the past been invited to officially hobnob with those under secret service protection.

Though it goes without saying unless the reality network Bravo sees financial profit in the unfolding scandal, we will not be seeing much of the Salahi’s when the news cycle grows tired of them. Embarrassing for the White House social office maybe, but I disagree with those who blame the secret service, of course that’s just my view yours may be different.

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