Millions of us around the world have reflected on Michael Vick for the last week or so.  Not only is it apparent that he led a business that was illegal on several fronts in the United States including betting across state lines, he is a monster to many societies in inflicting injuries and death to man’s best friend. 
The entire world does not share our concern at his activities.  Animal fights are a staple in many societies, both for profit and for recreation.  We hunt and fish like nobody’s business for recreation across the world.  Humans eat dogs and all manner of creatures everywhere that we would make illegal here in the States.
The point here is that the citizens of the U.S. specifically voted legislatures into being that declared dog-fighting illegal.  The law is widely distributed and the average man certainly knows that you can’t be involved without breaking the law.
Michael Vick may or may not go to jail and be fined extraordinary amounts, but he will suffer in the court of U.S. opinion.  He cannot, like Barry Bonds convicted or un-convicted of steroid useage, ever get away from the footnote of animal abuse in his lifetime.  The stigma never blows away.  His financial future is probably limited both in football and in the merchandise sales area now.  He will be like Pete Rose depicted as a person who willfully disregarded the law because he thought he could get away with it.  Whatever money or recreation he gained from dog fighting simply puts him forever in the position of second class citizen.  He has lost the position of trust that the public held for him just two or three short weeks ago.        

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