Dear Mr.Editor,

I have often thought, that I am the white version of Alan Quartermain’s faithful guide Umbopa.The book by H. Rider Haggard, of King Solomon’s Mines, contains many wonderful phrases, which have stood the test of time.One of my favorites, is relevant today as a description of my “hands on” knowledge of Africa…”.A land of beautiful young brides, fat cattle, game to hunt and enemies to kill.” 100 years later…has Africa changed that much?

To take the objective view through white eyes…I would say the only difference is that the “Jungle drums “are silent..but the mobile phone it reigns supreme.

By comparison, the the defeat by the white settler of the native red Indian of North America..took little more than a century.In contrast,the African continues to repel all comers.Though Hiv/Aids and corruption, have delivered an attack,that in 20 years has delivered to Africa what the whiteman has failed to do.

Not withstanding this….The African is still a significant and untamed species that has yet to defeat its own version of segregation and indifference to its own multi cultural existence.Centuries of tribalism and internal wars, fought over the demarcation of hereditary land and drinking water, conspires to hold back the progress of Fatou and Lamin. This is by far…much more destructive than the Global force of democratic change to its long held rights to local governance by the opportunists of history.

Amidst the sickly deafening silence of the African war drum….their squeaks a catch phrase that is gathering a pace…..and could yet salvage the human progress of the rights of the individual…..”.Pan Africanism.” Yet the individual sacrifice that this would consider is perhaps…too noble for the very noblest of African.Could the African shed the tribal mantle in favour of citizenship? As I have said many times….no one can defeat the African except the African.This is very much an African problem.

To stand amongst Africans with white skin and speak for akin to a game of Russian Roulette.I never know if the next pull of the trigger will see my brains splattered against the wall of sacrifice that has seen many before me fall victim. I ask my I too far removed from Martin Luther King Jr.,or my hero John Lennon.?I am certainly familiar with death threats..too many to count and too few as to matter.Or should I retire to my garden and grow roses?
To be or not to be…that is the question?

I was reinforced,to see my long time good friend Omar Sallah,deliver one of his most eloquent speechs in favour of the reform of the Civil Service.His Mentor, Musa Bala Gaye is someone I have previously spoken of as very gifted.These well considered reforms are long overdue..and will make the role of Government ..much more effective.

Was I right to answer Mr.Mbai,s question..that President Jammeh was a hater of the West……with the answer…Definately Not !!! Has The President not shown his same indifference to the IOC as being ineffective and especially complacent towards…Palestine and poor Muslim countries? This is the unbiased stand of the concerned…Not the hater.

President Jammeh….would do well to resolve those high profile concerns of International attraction.The cause of the Manneh.s..Fatou and Chief…and those connected to Amnesty International are of inconsequence to the peace of The Gambia.Neither does it bode well for International inspection that The Freedom Newspaper….can not be allowed to its universal right of speech and informed opinion to be shared with those who own the land.Why give those who point fingers.The wise will not fight fire with fire.The wise will kill their enemies with human kindness.

To my family friend and uncle of my children…Gheran Senghore,I would say think of your late great father Jerome…and your gracious and godly mother, my lifes “best friend”….Pa Nderry Mbai is not your enemy.Those who took Omar Barrow…are your quarrel and mine too.Be a man and appologise.You know Im right ?To err is forgive is divine.

I remain Michael..U.K.

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