Michael Scales says he might be arrested, declared “persona non grata” if he visits Gambia!!
By Michael Scales, UK

Dear Mr.Mbai,

Many Grateful thanks for your kind defence of my integrity,,,,,once again……I could show you e/mails to the President which would more than vindicate your stance and confidence in me. I make no denial of my wish to see The Gambia reunite its journalists on Gambian soil. I also make no hidden fact that I sent a very strong worded letter to The President over the detention of Fatou Jaw Manneh.As the President has never made public these e/mails ….I see no reason to declare them now. But they remain in safe keeping for any eventuallity.

As I have stated….I have always believed I am a man who can be trusted and keep confidences even under the strongest provercation.I am and have always been a recorder of conversations and events. I believe I hold a very unique position in recent history of the Gambia. I was given a mandate by the British Government to promote relations and trade with The Gambia. I was always treated with the utmost respect by the Gambian Government.

I have also made no secret of the fact that I didn’t feel that I was completely up to the task…..Now there’s honesty.??? In seven years I have received only one two lined e/mail from the President…which basically asked me to give the same level of support to his new minister of sport as I had done to my friend the previous one. There has never been any other contact between us. Or indeed any other member the current establishment. I am certain The President will be laughing very loudly with me at the accusation of me being a double agent.

It is also an easily proven fact that neither the British Government or The Gambian Government have ever given me one penny piece for all that I have done. The total personal cost, which is still on going is now over £150,000..with the likelihood of a further substantial donation being considered later this year. My friends call me a man of the people….I have no bias except I can put my hand in my pocket when called upon to support a worthy cause. The small donation to your newspaper was money well spent with no strings attached. We have hardly spoken…..is this not true ? I send you a piece for your consideration….you send me a one line reply thanking me…and usually accept on the basis that it is educational and of interest.

My only slight fear is that because of my association with you. I may be arrested by the N.I.A and possibly be declared as persona non grata.Or perhaps worse….Why should I worry….can they cut short my :young life :???? If The Gambia can perceive me as there enemy. Then they are truly messed up in the head… My in box ..is constantly filled with requests for my early return to support the children and there future. The Gambians are truly intelligent and loyal people…..You yourself are no fool ! I have no regrets in supporting your newspaper. But I agree with other subscribers that a more balanced view to the issues would be most welcome…..I trust in some part. I have thus far contributed to this.? I remain yours and at your service…..Michael.{extremly flattered by the attention }

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (Archive on Sunday, July 22, 2007)
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