By Michael Scales, UK

Dear Mr. Editor,

It warms my heart to to see Mr.Lowes apology.For my part I accept this with grateful thanks. I have spent these last two days in deep thought about what prompted such a reaction and also your newspapers  deep concerns. As a business mentor with our Regional Development Agency, I often had to interrogate and reappraise business performance using my own in depth experiance.I would suggest this may be a good time for Freedom Newspaper to reassess and evaluate your progress and ambition.

Please allow me to inform on my opinion by my own experience with you. You have by example, stated that you are interested in furthering your business as a going concern using The Gambians ;growing pains; as your main source of interest. It is undoubted that the biggest hits on your daily spread sheet is the Government. You have further stated that you are a democratic paper committed to freedom of speech and the rights of the individual. I highlight my own example as someone who was not anti Government. Even so I was welcomed to commit to writing my own experience which at times praised the Government and its President.

We briefly argued that this was a good thing to have two opposite views contained within the editorial. This was stated as democracy in action in its truest form. I would suggest that your greatest audience which is growing daily, is more concerned with anti government issues or the personal displeasure of a people who are finding it increasingly hard to survive. I have some sympathy for Mr.Lowes views ,regarding your editorial coverage and his dissent and disapproval of including the views of an independent observer as myself which by experience and instinct…always gives support to the leaders of a company or country. I make No Diference} Leadership is a very isolating business and enviroment.It requires strong will and careful handling and much patience. However, to expose your readership to perpetual doom and gloom does not inspire confidence for success in the long run.
We both want to see The Gambia prosper in peace and friendship .This is why I suggested the coverage of sporting events. To broaden your appeal and to encourage new readers. I believe that to encourage new writers like the Gentleman from the World Bank, or the recent music promoter, or the articles on Zimbabwe whose articles were very interesting, are big leaps in the right direction and will attract a wider audience.

My only concern is that to expose personal difficulties of individuals with marriage or family issues is in no bodies interest. We all have difficulties in our lives that really don’t need the public glare. My concerns for your good future are paramount. I believe you have come a long way in a short time. I certainly have NO wish to alter your editorial content or your own perceived ambitions. Only to offer advice. My suggestion is that you take stock of what you have achieved….which is excellent…and interrogate how to proceed with confidence to expand your business and your readership. You really do deserve respect for your achievements and encouragement and support for your undoubted future. I trust my observations will be accepted in good faith. I for my part wish you all the greatest success…..Michael.

Posted on Friday, June 15, 2007 (Archive on Sunday, July 29, 2007)
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