Michael Scales Reacts!
By Michael Scales UK

Dear Mr.Editor,
Thankyou for the article from the young Gambian Gentleman.May i firstly state that i am not offended in any way.I stand by my record on human rights and the freedom of the press.I would also humbly draw attention to my record on my contributions to the people of the Gambia and my willingness to forgoe my own selfish indulgence to perhaps buy luxury items for my pleasure in favour of the needs of the Children of the Gambia.My conscience is clear.I sleep very well at night.
The young gentleman should interrogate my articles to find my heart.I am proud to declare that i am true to my working class and my impoverished upbringing.Wealth did not change me.He should also take note that the colonial masters that he so ridicules also subjegated the poor in the U.K.To long working hours with little pay and no decernable individual rights other than to serve in silence to there paymasters.I have no quarrel with what he writes other than i have stated to be what exists and not what should be.To this i would aspire to the words of John Lennons song..Imagine.So we have no decernable difference there.Regarding the description of his President…..i would say this….I will always respect your country, its leaders and its independant soveriegnty.The internal issues of your democracy are for your debate and conscience.My position as a friend is well known and supported by ordinary Gambians everywhere.I treat everyone the same and as a true friend i listen but i do not judge.

A true Mentor …allows the issues to be raised and to give encouragement to peoples  own ability to find there own solutions.It is time for Africans to leave behind the grudges and excuses of centuries past to arrest and come to terms with there own differences and negativity.I would recommend the works of Adam Smith and his book The Wealth of Nations.It explains the liberation of man and Nations. What the working man has achieved in the United Kingdom,did not come easy.You should not forget recent history and what we managed to overcome in The Battle of Britain…when alone and defenceless ,and in our finest hour ,we turned back the tide of tyranny and enslavery.May i thank the young gentleman for his time and conscience…but would suggest in almost everything he wrote….i can find no conflict between us.   Thankyou my good friend……Michael.

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