Michael Scales Prays for President Jammeh’s ailing mother!!
By Michael Scales, UK

Dear Mr.Editor,                  Notes to my friends….
I am distressed to hear that the Presidents mother is not well.Maybe somebody reading can express my love and prayers for a speedy recovery to her.? We spent a wonderful evening together,some time back.She was very kind to me and allowed me to play with the families children.Though she dosnt speak much English, through an interpreter,i was delighted by her kindness and considerable humour. Please tell her she remains in my thoughts and heart…..and prayers.,,,I do not forget such things….Love from Michael.xxx
I am pleased to see my old friend Peter Gomez, on our sports page.Peter accompanied the Gambian Delegation I lead to Manchester United.I was always pleased when Peter covered the P.R. on my Government sponsered projects…his english is excellant and his approach to sports writing very superior.I hope i didnt embarress him too much when he invited me to his radio phone in.?That was such a stressful night..speaking to sports fans across the Gambia….WoW !!! they certainly know about football.They had me running ragged…He He !!!… Peter was one of the benefactors of the many computers i donated ….the further purchase of a brand new full colour printer for his sports magazine that was sitting at the docks for his projected football magazine.This was blocked at the last minute by a request from Government.He is the voice of gambian Sport….It is such good men that make the Gambia…..Highly intelligent and very warm hearted and extremely patriotic…..I miss you very much…..
Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2007 (Archive on Friday, August 31, 2007)

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