Michael Scales Praises the Freedom Newspaper! He says the paper represents Gambia’s interest!

By Michael Scales, UK
Dear Mr.Editor,
Your editorials continue to serve the best interests of The Gambia.I have read that The President has proclaimed that The Gambia will have a democracy like no other.I see no problem with this provided it is a democracy governed by the people for the people.I have found my self making allowances not only for Gambia but for myself and the World from which i live.There is always a conflict for which i charge myself as being in the knowledge of an enlightened view,due to my detailed association.This constant conflict is tempered by a disappointed view of my peoples history with your Continent.I have always tried to be a good Ambassador for England,even though i have been delt many bad blows by your people.I have been threatened,lied to ,wrongly accused,missrepresented,and stolen from.Yet like the preverbial Phoenix, i continue to rise from the ashes,with my tail on fire,… ready to be a moving target once again.
Your editorials are fast moving and raise several themes which endure to pervey this conflict between westernisation and africanisation.I have often given positive thought to The Gambias unique position of being able to face both East and West for inspiration.This is why in essence ,i have little conflict with the new democracy.However, if this means that the people have only limited recourse to lawful settlement and protection,then it is failing the people.When the jailers become the jailed,When ministers are discarded like confetti,when journalists are made to disappear from view or flee the country in fear of there life.Then i think it is time to reconsider…….
It is deeply insulting …… to belittle the frantic and expensive research programmes in the cause of Hiv/Aids.This constant, illconsidered ranting ,devalues the gambian people as a whole and throws them back into the dark ages of ignorance.To deny technology and scientific advancement of highly educated western civilisation is very childish,churlish,uneducated and unbecomming the stature and respect accorded to The Gambia by myself and others, who seek to give The Gambia , every chance to emerge victorius.The concerns of The World Health Organisation or The United Nations are real and well founded and based on scientific knowledge accumulated thus far on the Hiv/virus.Yes !…if anti retroviral drugs are stopped, it is highly likely the immune system will drop to dangerous levels allowing oppertunist infections to kill.This progress is undetermined and can vary. Without A.R.T. the immune system may remain adequate for some months or even years .However, it is also true that if A.R.T. is stopped, it becomes very dangerous to start again.The body may reject the drugs and there life saving properties.It is not advisable in any way shape or form to advise a victim to stop the drugs,once starting, without irrefutable evidence .It is also a rare occurance that someone had the virus, then it dissapeared.There is only one such case in the U.K. which is still to be completely determined.The young gentleman sited the use of the herb Q10 .There is also further ongoing research by Sheffield University of the remarkable effects of Green Tea on slowing the reproductive capability of the virus by upto 40%…however these tests are so far confined to the test tube and unproven on clynical trial as yet.However 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day is highly recommended in the mean time until such research is completely proven.This is why i remain open minded to  possible herbal assistance in delaying or deterring the onset of the virus.. >The virus has a marked tendancy to hide in the tissues of the body such as the eye.It can lay dorment and undetectable for long periods before reactivating rapidly .I believe it is almost impossible to say with confidence that the person is cured .I have spoken to Dr Mbowe some months ago on the phone….He is tottaly convinced they have a cure.I agree with Mr.Salah of the World Bank, that Doctor Jammeh deserves the Nobel prize if his cure is real.His reluctance to work or explore the relevance of his alledged cure with recognised scientists,under strict regulation and patented protection ,only raises concerns to its authenticity.This is being handled very badly and selfishly.I am very dissapointed with my friend The President.Those arround him should advise him better.Nobody wants to steal His God Given  Glory.To equate his cure with Coca Cola is lamentable.The only bad thing Coca Cola gave me is trapped wind.
I am aware of the recent upgrade of the average life expectancy of those taking A.R.T. to 30 .6 years.The further news being considered is that the new drugs available next year may increase this to 50 years or indeed .natural life expectancy.It may also be on the horizen that Hiv will be soon downgrade to chronic illness status.These are facts…undisputable facts……I am struck with incredable admiration for those sufferers who have been heroic in allowing themselves to be put on open display as recorded sufferers.The predjudice that surrounds this unique virus is sometimes worse than the effects of the virus itself.Many have committed suicide ,rather than face the indignity heaped on them by an ignorant and missinformed public.If i were a public health official in The Gambia right now ,i would have deep personal concern over possible clynical negligence.Before any proferlaxis becomes available for public consumption,it needs interrogation for possible side effects and life taking complications and effectivness .The strict code adhered by the west is there for a reason…Remember thalidomide..?To claim to have a cure for the most dangerous virus known to mankind ….in only 3 days beggars belief for any average intelligent human being…. I advise much caution ………to all concerned.
I am heartened and much relieved by the news that the case of Chief Manneh is to go to court.Your story about his old dad, crying tears of sorrow touched me greatly.The recent revelation by the President on his web site that in essence proclaimed….that if the Police wont police,the prosecutor wont turn up to prosecute, the N.I.A. wont abide by the constitutional right of charge or release within 72 hours ,or the judges wont judge ,or the time restriction on court cases may be considered by the National Assembly……Was a step in the right direction.  It would appear that there is now a greater urgency, in these causes for justice.This is most welcome.! I am concerned The Gambia  makes progress on its percieved unsatisfactory Human Rights record.
I must confess to laughing uncontrolably at the recent conflict by the President with the police…when he states….. where have all those vehicles gone that i gave you..? you are messing with your head and mine too….This appeals greatly to the British sense of humour….if  Prime Minister Blair made such a statement…the whole fabric of British society would be in melt down…….Whoever handles The Presidents press releases deserves a medal for valour…..Not !!!
It is also commendable to Freedom Newspaper that you advertised the welcome public relation steps of the President holding a Bob Marley concert…Did The President take to the floor and  do a hand jive ? or did he do the twist ? or just dance arround the ladies handbags in a familiar African style.This is an accomplishment i have never completely understood or mastered.? The Gambian Disco dance leaves a lot to the imagination.I was always waiting for something to happen ????We tend to be a bit more animated.I much prefer the Gambian dance troup Kurow Chow {stars over the sea} Absoulutley stunning !!!
Also the fact that he sponsered a football match….mnnnn i wondered ..did he take to the field as an attacker,or defender….or was he the referee….?
Finally…to the Trojen, who is woefully inadequate at hacking my computer…My I.T. guys have almost caught up with you….your call sign is KAN.go….You have been warned.!!!
Thankyou once again for your informative pieces..especially about Zimbabwe…..these were accurately researched and very enlightening……..Michael.
Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, June 30, 2007)

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