Michael Scales Praise Freedom Editors for Exposing “Graft” in Africa!!! Gov.Kalu’s case in the news again!!

By Michael Scale UK,

Dear Mr Editor,

                           I remain inspired by your seamless and untireing effort to expose ,crime and corruption ,through this medium.No matter what the risk.
What is transpiring in Nigeria,has the most profound implication for every African .There benevolence of credence given to the Law and moral accountability of Government,if successful, will give  hope to the poor, and  voice to the voiceless.Its repercussion will resound for at least the next generation. In my view,  all that Africa needs to become great..is Time and Moral conscience.
I cannot help but think of Winston Churchills wisdom, when he said all the solutions to todays problems can be found in History.
The problem of prohibition { the banning of alcohol} in the 1920;s in America ,may offer a similar knowledge ,if only in reverse….Then it was crime infiltrateing Government,whereas Africas situation is Government infiltrating crime.This lack of accountability and command structure,leads to criminal infection of its institutions by unlimited, undocumented , informal association.
The legacy of President Obasanjo{Obj}towards Democracy and its honerable mechanismns..cannot be understated.His successor President Umar Yar’Adua Last week paid tribute to his mentor Obj,by commending the foundations left firmly in place for Nigerias future prosperity.President Yar’Adua,s grandfather was prominent in Nigerias fight for Independence from the British, which was successful on 1st October 1960.His father fought for Democracy and died in prison at the hands of Abacha.Many others were imprisoned for there beliefs, including President Obasanjo.By the hand of Providence, he survived.His creation of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission {E.F.C.C.} ignited the flame of Justice,as a beacon of hope and and faith, as a blazing example to all Africans,to reassure that crimes  of State, will face the full weight of the Law.Those convicted..must now know..that there Liberty will be denied.The offices of the E.F.C.C. resemble any normal well equiped modern office…but you will see no agents present..The agents are working tirelessly in the field of operation, working covertly, using the most modern and upto date surveillance equipment.Where necessary they assume false identities..to infiltrate at the highest office.It is very difficult and unerringly uncomfortable for there intended victims to be sure..if there companion is friend or foe.In many cases,they follow the trail of there objective to countries near and far to observe and gather evidence…There success to date has been astonishing.As you can imagine..there has been much orchestrated oposition to there cause…Some leading commentators,being suspected of being on the payroll of there partners in crime as they try to undermine the Commissions work by supporting those indicted and convicted .Those trusted observers even suspect those indicted to be involved in murder and assasination of there opponents.There are several accounts of those who head these organisations…paying others to admit to there crimes…under assurance that there families will be looked after whilst they do time in prison on behalf of there bosses.Clearly..these organisations smack heavily of an aspiring African style Mafia.The attraction of substantial cash sums, transported openly in cardboard boxes….can lure and entice even the most decent consciensious objector. This is a human virus more deadly than the plague.
As with all investigation , it is right to reassert the principle of law ..that all who endure investigation..are innocent until proven guilty…I know of one Governer ..who had his assets frozen …then to be found completly innocent…Quite rightly all his legally gained assets were returned in full.This Governer did not complain..knowing he was innocent..This proves there is no witch hunt in these investigations..only those who are guilty…need fear….. 
                                   When there is Hope ..give me Strength
                                   When there is Faith ..give me Wisdom   
                                   When there is Love ..give me Compassion
Posted on Monday, July 30, 2007 (Archive on Monday, August 27, 2007)
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