Michael Scales on Sadibou Jadama!

By Michael Scales, UK.

Dear Mr.Editor,

The allegation,that Mr Jadama Sadibu has sympathy with Mr.Jammeh, does in my opinion,make no difference whatsoever.I have read his articles with great interest .I had already gathered that he had this sympathy..and i dont think he has ever declared otherwise.I think your audience is mature enough to either agree with what he writes..or disagree as the case maybe.He nevertheless raises some very interesting points of view.He certainly tills the soil of questions.???This is good !!!.The concern that he may use this Newspaper for his own ambition and to in some way discredit its operation ,would be very hard to do.Your experiance and principal would always win that argument.Mr Sadibu,is almost correct in what he writes,,and almost wrong.When i first approached you…i declared openly that i was Mr.Jammehs No 1 fan.To your credit..you did not close the door in my face.I could not be more pleased that The Gambia has its own University and has its first batch of medical students.I could not be more pleased that it now boast a Sheridan Hotel, I could not be more pleased,that it has started a new runway at its Airport.There is nothing more pleasing than to take the new coastal road and see new houses and excavations taking place.Would i wish to join the ranks of a hypercrite,in denounceing these developments.?Certainly not !!! Would i say that everything in the U.K. is rosy…Certainly Not !!! Much of what Mr Sadibu says about Europe and in particular ,,,the U.K., is correct in that respect…except for one fundamental flaw..?In the U.K. we have a healthy media that reports our short commings rigourously,and mercilessly…every day.Our Government knows that they accountable to the people of this country and responsible to its electorate.The present style of media owes a lot to people like Sir Robin Day..who challenged even the most defensive and prominent politician….You can see his legacy today.in people like Jeremy Paxman.{ Newsnight } John Snow {Channel 4} David Dimbleby {Questiontime} and many more engageing and challenging Journalists.When we go to the polls….we know the questions and we generally get the answers.Governments in this country rise rapidly and also fall rapidly.This is why Ambassador Sey calls Journalism the 4th arm of Government.Freedom Newspaper..has much to commend it….I hope you encourage Mr Jammeh to frequent these pages.I am certain all opinions are welcome ?The man who cannot take constructive critisism cant do jack shit.!!! always remember that….I have been critisised on here several times….It hurts !!! But nomatter how bad i feel or how embarressing…I have tried to respond with maturity and examine the argument and if i have offended, i have appologised.Mr Sadibu is right…im a whiteman..Nomatter how hard i try to be a Gambian…I can never know how it feels to go to bed hungry,or to want for medical assistance,or to have no access to affordable justice…These are rights enshrined in Law..that my forefathers fought and died for.Never let it it be said that i am not greatful.I know the price they paid….At this moment in history..you are paying that same price.But God willing…some of us will try to make the winning for you, a little easier.Our history in Africa tells me we owe you this.I cannot change that….period !!! But i and others can change the future.I am not alone .WE are not alone……Remember the words of Muhammed Ali…..Me ! We.!

Take courage my friend…………………………………………..Michael

Posted on Wednesday, August 08, 2007 (Archive on Monday, August 13, 2007)
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