Michael Savage is your typical bigoted radio talk show host. Obviously a summa cum laude of the university of Rush Limbaugh he has won his way into the hearts of an estimated 8 million listeners per week for his 3 hours a day of political rhetoric. One has to wonder at the IQ’s involved? I am sure that many match their hat size.

As with all these ‘shock jocks’ life is not always easy, and Savage Nation seems to be suffering from Mr. Savages outlandish outbursts. Advertisers have been leaving faster than a speeding bullet. It is one thing to be controversial, it is a completely different thing to come across as whacked out.

In this latest move, ITT Technical Institute, Chattem, Inc. (owners of Gold Bond, Icy Hot, and Selsun Blue), Union Bank of California, Intuit (parent company of TurboTax and QuickBooks), and GEICO Insurance have all demanded that their commercials be yanked from the bigoted show.

An ITT Tech official stated: “It was brought to our attention this week that ITT Tech spots had been heard in the Michael Savage Show. As a result, we have contacted all stations participating in the ITT Tech program and strongly reiterated that they are NOT to run ITT Tech spots in the Michael Savage Show.”
A letter from GEICO’s media buyer said: “We have contacted all our affiliate(s) to ensure that GEICO advertisements, including any inadvertent errors, will not appear on the Savage Nation.”
These are not the first advertisers to run away, and I doubt they will be the last.

Without advertisers one would assume that the likelihood of the show surviving much longer. My advice to Michael Savage is he should probably spend some time brushing up his resume, oh, and the local gas station is looking for a night shift pump attendant.

Simon Barrett


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