Remember Michael Moore? That guy who made (I mean manufactured) that goofy film (I mean dissent) way back two or three years ago or whenever the hell it was? I think he even made two. Well as it turns out, now even the German leftist intellectual caste is turning against him. And that takes a hell of a lot before something like that can ever happen you know. No, wait a second. That doesn’t take much of anything at all.

Anyway, now that other politically correct filmmakers (“I agree with a lot of what Michael Moore says. I don’t always agree with his methods. But I agree with what he says.”), now that they have exposed this guy for what he is and always was, a true-blue Heuchler (hypocrite), a panderer of questionable goods made with even more than questionable methods, everybody who is anybody over here in Germany (and elsewhere) is suddenly quiet on the non-subject who used to be a subject, elegantly pretending that the guy never happened (of course that’s quite easy to do) or that they never proudly stood in line to watch his heavy-handed America sucks movies or ripped those third-rate hate books out of his grubby little hands. Wow. That was quite a sentence, don’t you think?

Yup, he’s gone with the wind and we’ll all miss him a lot (not). But thankfully, his timeless art and wonderfully infantile anti-Bush acceptance speech at the 2003 Academy Awards will remain with us forever. By the way, whatever happened to George W. Bush anyway?

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