In many peoples eyes the Justice system is as badly broken as every other government system in the country. There are huge glaring holes in the way that justice seems to be doled out. Killers walk free, yet relatively petty crimes get long periods of incarceration.

It is easy to pick on California, one only has to look at the original OJ Simpson criminal trial to understand the issue. The almost certain killer of two people walked free. Of course justice did eventually get served when OJ Simpson decided to take part in what was clearly an armed robbery in Las Vegas. It is unlikely that OJ will ever get to play another round of golf.

I guess that justice eventually caught up with OJ.

A similar story emerged in Florida. The act of murder gets very different acts of justice. There are two cases that exemplify this comment, Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings.

The perpetrator in the death of Caylee Anthony was almost certainly her mother Casey Anthony. Yet her punishment is spending one year on probation. Get a job or enroll in school, was in the terms of the probation.

She apparently is taking an online course to speak Spanish! While that may meet the words of the law, it hardly meets the intent. This is a great example of justice denied. One has to wonder if Casey Anthony will follow in OJ Simpson’s shoes and slip up in the future.

The Haleigh Cummings case is just as bizarre, but for very different reasons and results. Young Haleigh Cummings is almost certainly dead. Her body has never been found, but with the amount of media coverage that the case received I find it unlikely that some credible witness has not stepped forward. Yes, unlikely but not impossible, there are many people that still believe that she is still alive.

The police had some pretty firm ideas on who the perps of the murder might be, but could not pin it on a single person. The favorite was babysitter/lover/wife/ex-wife Misty Croslin. Another favorite was father Ronald Cummings but Ron had a rather airtight alibi, he was at work. Also in the cross hairs was Misty’s brother Tommy Croslin.

It was a media feeding frenzy. Night after night HLN’s ‘Dancing Queen’ Nancy Grace poured fuel on the fire. ‘Bomshell. tonight we have Joe Schmo, he is the fifth cousin, twice removed, of the guy that knows the guy that is friends with the guy that might be the neighbor of the guy that once lived next door to Ronald Cummings’ she would announce.

The daily parade of increasingly unlikely guests did wonders for the ratings but little to move the case forward.

But justice would be found. Misty Croslin, Ronald Cummings, Timmy Croslin, and two others, found themselves in some hot water. 25 years behind bars for buying prescription drugs from an undercover cop!

You may well be able to get away with murder, but don’t buy prescription drugs from a cop!

There is a huge disparity in the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases. One gets a slap on the wrist and gets to learn how to speak Spanish, the others get  25 years to appreciate the finer points of Bologna Sandwiches.

So What about Michael Jackson? His killer was Dr Conrad Murray. Found guilty, Dr Murray was sentenced to the max, 4 years! But because of overcrowding that is automatically cut down to 2 years. Oh and also because of the overcrowding issue, he should be out before the next July 4th celebrations. So on the one hand we have 25 years for buying a prescription drug from an undercover officer, and on the other hand less than one year in jail, or free lessons in Spanish for murder!

I was never a fan of Michael Jackson, but I think he deserves more justice than this.

If someone, anyone, has an explanation, I am all ears.

Simon Barrett

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