Of course the same question could, and indeed is being asked of Jackson’s entourage. Who is the victim and who is the enabler? I will be honest, I put Michael Jackson’s music in the same garbage can that I keep for The Beatles, The Stones, and a whole bunch of other bands. These clowns did nothing for music. The Beatles had the occasional flash of innovation, but for the most part they were just out and out boring. The Stones were always entertaining, the stage show was always, is always a must see. But, once again, it is hardly ground breaking music.

That brings us to Michael Jackson, what legacy has he left? I  search, but I can not find it. We have a trail of pedophilia accusations, some settled out of court. It is that aspect that bothers me. If someone accused me of such a crime, I would want my day in court. To quote a good friend of mine…

 sounds to me like he was diddler!

While I by no means wish to celebrate the passing of Michael Jackson, I do have some questions. Jackson chose his lifestyle, I doubt that there is a person on the planet with an IQ bigger than their hat size could disagree.

His legacy is a whole string of unpaid debts, a life style that few sane people would join into, and a stream of litigation against him that makes my head spin.

The King Of Pop, is the label I keep hearing, was he really? What musical legacy has he left? People talk about Thriller, but was it really that good? I don’t think so. 200 years from now people will still be listening to J. S. Bach, will they be listening to Michael Jackson? I doubt it.

200 years from now, people will still be talking about Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, it was Newtonian physics that took us to the moon! The only moon walk that these people will talk about is Apollo 11.

Michael Jackson is dead, it is time for the major news organizations to recognize the fact. If there are people that deserve some comeback, let the police do it. Doctors, management, and other enablers need to be brought to justice. But, there are so many much more pressing cases involving the living. Why dwell in the past when you can directly impact the future?

I mean no disrespect to those that enjoyed Michael Jackson’s music, but I ask you to take a moment and think about the living. Would it not be better to spend time seeking the living, rather than those that have passed on?

Simon Barrett

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