I sometimes wonder what is happening in the news world. I have to admit that I feel the coverage of Michael Jackson’s death has me speechless. He had not had a hit for years, his trail of unpaid bills is legendary, and his brushes with the law makes one give serious thought to the word pedophile, yet he still garners a huge following.

He did command a large and loyal group of fans though. I guess the fans were relatively safe, as they were mostly female.

Michael Jackson was famous for his eccentricities, a collection of exotic animals, his own private theme park, and an assemblage of ‘hangers on’ that were at his beck and call, including (so we are told), a doctor. In fact a mobile clinic!

It turns out that one of his friends is no less than spoon bender Uri Geller! Uri awed the world many years ago with his ‘mind over matter’ trick of bending flatware with his thoughts. It was a delightful sleight of hand, and as a showman he should be applauded. Of course Geller has maintained that it is all real.

How fitting that HLN should feature Geller in one of their (way too many) programs talking about the death of Michael Jackson. Both Jackson and Geller deal in ‘snake oil’, one only has to look at the court records to see the financial ‘snake oil’ that Jackson worked with. No shows for concerts, breaking recoding contracts, outstaying his welcome in the middle east, payoffs to families accusing him of inappropriate actions towards young boys. Nasty stuff, not things that I would want on my resume.

Geller on the other hand is just your regular con man. He has been debunked more times than Michael Jackson has had plastic surgery. I was looking at Gellers web site and found this gem.

A book-and kit, which includes a cassette, quartz crystal, and an orange circle meditation card, is designed to help readers gain self-confidence, lose weight, and solve other problems through visualisation, psychokinesis, and other mind/body concerns. A most wonderful and helpful guide. A must for every person. The kit includes an insightful 144-page book; an audiotape containing techniques for both tapping into your inner resources and exercises directed at specific problems such as beating stress and slowing down the aging process; an orange meditation circle used to generate mental power; and a quartz crystal that serves as a tool for psychic healing and the mind. Through the Mindpower kit, Uri Geller encourages the reader to take control of their physical and emotional.

Oh and you can order this for the low, low price of 30 pounds UK, about $50 US. What bothers me about this advert is the fact that the last sentence does not make sense.

Through the Mindpower kit, Uri Geller encourages the reader to take control of their physical and emotional.

Physical and emotional what? If you are going to rip off the public, at least have someone to edit the content.

It is also rumored, although I did not have the patience to wade through his web site that there is an interactive guide to spoon bending!

Uri Geller has the credibility of a three day old donut. I am surprised that HLN would give him a podium. But there again, other than his fans Michael Jackson did not seem to have many friends, at least not of legal age.

Simon Barrett

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