I have to admit that I was not much of a Michael Jackson fan, I have heard the music, and I can honestly say that I have never owned a single record by him, but he is hardly alone, the same applies to The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. Just because I do not like the music does not mean that I am right, music is a very personal thing.

It has been amazing how many people connected with Michael Jackson, in even the remotest ways are offering tributes to him. From the famous to the salacious, everyone suddenly wants to be remembered as his friend.

The Gala event held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this afternoon was a great example. It was certainly a star studded event.

Of course many other people also wanted to add their tributes, but with a 90-120 minute window there are only so many people that can take the stage.

One that did not make the cut was Big Mama Capretta, the gay Catholic drag queen priest a.k.a Father Anthony. Big Mama Capretta did however issue a press release. In part is says….

To help Michael Jackson fans worldwide, Big Mama Capretta, the gay Catholic drag queen priest a.k.a Father Anthony, has released a new dance version of The Lord’s Prayer as a tribute to the King of Pop. The Lord’s Prayer (Dave Matthias Remix) is a free download at Big Mama Capretta’s MySpace page for all to enjoy and pray with. (http://www.myspace.com/caprettamusic) Making her way to television, Big Mama Capretta will be featured on upcoming episodes of CBS’ The Insider and NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

He goes on to add..

Oh my, I am still so forlorn with sadness and pain over the great Michael Jackson’s passing. I can’t stop blubbering! Somehow, I managed to record ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ for St. Michael the Musical Archangel and all of his fans. I believe that Michael would want us all to keep on dancing,” states Big Mama Capretta. “I know that Michael Jackson is performing for the Lord in heaven now. You have to believe that Jesus is dancing arm in arm with Michael, hugging and kissing his son that has come home!

I am not sure exactly what Big Mama Capretta’s stature is with the Catholic church, but I doubt this will endear him in the eyes of the upper echelons. I see no Papal blessing coming down on this one 🙂

On a more serious note about the Death of Michael Jackson is the bill. Oh not the debts he left, they are legendary. I am talking about the tab that Los Angeles is having to pay. A couple of sources are claiming that his demise has cost $4 million in manpower and equipment to the city. Why should the tax payers have to foot this bill? I see no good reason. If someone can offer a reason I would love to hear it. In the past decade or so, the only news concerning Michael Jackson has been bad. Unpaid bills, and accusations of inappropriate activities.

The investigation into the death is still ongoing, but even the usually ‘corporate line’ main stream media are talking about prescription drugs. Hell, who travels with a doctor, an IV pole, and all sorts of ‘fun’ pharmaceuticals.

As I said, I was no fan of Michael Jackson, but some justice needs to be meted out. I find it inconceivable that the medical enablers and other members of his inner circle permitted this to happen.

Simon Barrett

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