By Gina Burgess

Wisconsin Right To Life just issued a press release concerning the ads flooding the Wisconsin airwaves. 

“Brace yourself! Wisconsin is being deluged with ads featuring actor Michael J. Fox which are just as misleading as the ones currently airing in Missouri and other states,” declared Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

The University of Rochester Medical Center has been studying the kind of stem cells that Fox is publicly promising huge miracles from if only researchers would be allowed to kill embryos to harvest the stem cells.  Of course, Fox doesn’t word it that way, but that is what happens to the embryos when that kind of stem cell is harvested.  The study demonstrates the Parkinson’s Disease symptoms are relieved when rats are injected with the stem cells, but tumors invariably grow in the brains of injected rats.  What a trade off.

The problem is short sightedness. 

Stem cells from the umbilical cord have proven to be more effective in other tests and studies.  Why do researchers need to kill embryos when umbilical cords produce more and better quality stem cells? 

While most disease research organizations, such as Juvenile Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and the Canadian Cancer Society, continue to promote the use of living embryonic human beings for experimentation, the only success stories to date have all come from the use of adult stem cells.

Adult stem cells are distinguished from those derived from embryos, and do not necessarily mean only those from adult patients. Adult stem cells are being found in abundance in blood taken from the umbilical cord for example.

The point is radical, but those who do not recognize the authority of God and the character of God will never understand.  Let me spell it out.  God created life.  God never, ever designed a cure for disease to come out of murdering innocents.  That is exactly what is happening with fresh embryonic stem cells.  The U.S. has banned the harvesting of fresh embryonic stem cells, but that does not mean that they are not being harvested.  Need more proof?

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