Following the release of the official (i.e. internal cover up!) report on the cold blooded killing of Husein Shehada by the smoking gun of pot growing Miami Beach PD’s finest Adam Tavss I was in shock!

I was not altogether surprised that a report authored by the Foxes guarding the Hen House might be just a little less than objective, but even I was in awe and wonder of the findings. I think my shock can be found in an article that I published yesterday.

In some ways I read the report with the same incredulity that I did when I read the Warren Report on the assassination of JFK or Bill Clinton redefining the definition of sex.

Just about the only elements missing from the Internal Report were mentions of magic bullets, and stains on red dresses!

Clearly the intent of the report was to concentrate on the minutiae rather than the actual story. This is akin to a food reviewer focusing on the parsley garnish rather than the inedible steak that joined it on the plate.

The Husein Shehada senseless, brutal, and cold blooded execution is a subject that makes my blood boil.  I tread a fine line, I am a journalist, but I am also a living, breathing person that gives a damn. I reached out to Husein’s surviving brother Samer Shehada, he is the second man in the video. The man still standing!

This is not some distant relative brought in to a TV studio to talk about some memories from years ago. This is Husein Shehada’s brother, he was there, Samer Shehada watched the carnage in real time.

This is what I received from Samer Shehada, it has not been edited:

When I read the report I was actually shaking and could barely hold my phone to read it.  It pissed me off and brought me back to that night.  We feel like we keep getting run over to be honest.  I mean we kind of figured they would justify the shooting because Miami Beach would not admit its fault but to actually hear it is heartbreaking.  Also, none of the witnesses that weren’t police officers said they saw my brother reach for something which the video clearly shows he was not reaching.  Also, I may have pushed Karlia but I never hit her.  Its also funny how the first officer who arrived (Anderson) and “claimed” to see my brother reaching for something never shot his gun.  If he really saw that I would think he would have shot his weapon as well.  However, I think he really didn’t see that and is just covering up.  He probably decided not to shoot because he was of clear mind and not working 14 hrs, on drugs, and have a history of violence like Tavss.

This case is a disgrace to the many great law enforcement agencies that do give a damn! I am shocked that Miami Beach think that they are outside of the law. Needless to say, I have scratched Miami South Beach off my vacation list. The caves of Tora Bora in Afghanistan seem a safer choice. Or maybe a working vacation in Iraq picking up roadside IED’s seems way more fun than a late night walk in Miami Beach!

There is little doubt that Adam Tavss was a bad apple, but the bigger question is what is the health of the tree that he grew on?

Simon Barrett

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