husein12.jpgThis story hit my radar a couple of weeks ago. To say i am shocked, does not do justice. In the space of four days Miami Beach cop Adam Tavss sent two unarmed 29 year old young men to meet their maker. Of course there are three versions of every story, there is mine, there is yours, and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

We all have opinions, we all view the world through our own version of Rose Colored glasses, often it is difficult to understand a situation. We, as outsiders read about a case, but it means little, it is just another death, just another depressing statistic.

In this day of ‘big brother’ though, our every move is tracked, every time you use your ATM card, or Credit Card, it is logged, the where, the when, the how much. Every time you walk down a major street in even quite small cities surveillance cameras are watching.

Indeed it was those surveillance cameras that captured the death of Husein Shehada on the morning of Jane 14, 2009. If this is not a cold blooded killing what is it? The first time I viewed it I was shocked, the second time incensed, and the third time, I was fit to be tied! Check it out for yourself here.

Following standard Miami Beach PD policies, Adam Tavss finds himself suspended for 72 hours, he is then cleared for duty, and has his badge, and maybe more importantly his gun and ammo back. It takes him no time to locate a new target in Lawrence McCoy. While Husein Shehada was clearly just a guy on vacation, McCoy may have been cut from a different cloth. The facts though remain the same, neither man was armed.

Contrary to an early statement by Tavss, Husein Shehada was not secreting an AK-47 under his T-Shirt! The story then changed to him likely having a bottle hidden in his pants! He did not, but even if he did, why kill him in cold blood? Lawrence McCoy was not just shot, he was riddled by bullets, Somewhere between 9 and 11 bullets from at least three different guns stopped Mr McCoy in his tracks. One of those guns was in the hand of Adam Tavss.

So, we have two dead young men, and one smoking gun! That gun belongs to Miami Beach PD, and they had it on loan to Adam Tavss.

This is a program that you will not want to miss, we have an impressive guest list, John Contini and Greg Samms, co-council for the two families, Samer Shehada, the brother that witnessed the execution of Husein Shehada from 3 feet away!

We will also have some other interesting guests, it turns out that Samer and Husein’s girlfriends were walking a little behind the brothers. Their story is just as strange.

Samer Husein feels wronged, and I agree with him.

Point your browser at a few minutes before 4pm eastern on Sat Aug/8 2009 and you will see the program on the front page. Alternatively you can locate the program here.

For many, many years, authors and movie makers have speculated about ‘the perfect crime’. If your definition of the perfect crime is an armed cop shooting two unarmed men, then I guess we have it! I want to make this an ‘imperfect crime’.

Simon Barrett

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