I had an inkling that this would be a busy 90 minutes of radio. I was right. In the space of a football game we had 37 callers!

The mainstream media for one reason or another have opted to ignore this strange Miami Beach story. Cop Adam Tavss is part of a gang of 6 or 7 cops that at 4:30 am decide to ‘intercede’ two brothers walking down the sidewalk. Stop, Turn Around, are the demands, the brothers do, Samer Shehada lives, his brother does not. Husein Shehada was shot in cold blood by Adam Tavss.

Following normal Miami Beach PD protocol, Tavss is given a 72 hour ‘cool off’, they give him his gun and badge back, and it takes him no time to find someone else to dispatch, Lawrence McCoy Jr. In this execution he was not alone. While the Miami Beach PD put out a statement that McCoy died ‘from a few’ gunshot wounds the number was actually nine. ‘Few’ in my mind is a number between 3 and maybe 5! Stranger still, are the placement of the entry and exit wounds. They are defensive, they are representative of someone cowering down on the ground not someone being aggressive.

This is a radio broadcast you will not want to miss. We have the experts, we have the families, we have the girlfriends. We have everyone but the executioner, I guess Adam Tavss was too busy oiling his gun to call in!

Adam is a little camera shy, but you can see his fine work in this video, oh and this video was scored not by the Miami Beach PD, who, if they had it would not share it. No, this was scored by the relentless effort put in by attorney John Contini and his investigator John Cohn.

I had heard the story of the execution several times. But to hear it from Samer Shehada’s mouth made this somehow personal. I am the first to admit that I am not a fan of the Death Penalty, it may work in the biblical sense, an eye for an eye. But I am not sure I buy into the idea. I prefer the idea of keeping the perp alive, years and years of life behind bars. The oppressing sameness of everyday, the chance to reflect on what happened that fateful day.

For Adam Tavss, the likelihood of him spending quiet contemplative time is all but nonexistent. Have gun will travel. As I recall that was a 60’s TV show. Five decades later, well things have changed a bit. Yet, another part of me screams, nothing has changed in not just 60 years, but 300 years! I find it doubtful that the Founding Fathers had Adam Tavass, or the Miami Beach PD in their dreams!

Following a deadly encounter most organizations impose what is called a cooling off, or ‘decompression’ period. In Miami Beach it is 72 hours, after three days, you are locked and loaded and looking for trouble, Adam Tavss found it with Lawrence McCoy. No one can claim Tavss fired the fatal shot (not yet anyway) but he certainly fired some rounds that connected with the then breathing body.

I have a question. It is an ugly question, one that many would prefer to ignore. It is simple, who works for who? Do the police work for us? Or do they have free range to do whatever they want to do? Accountability is another word we hear in the press, the banks, the auto industry, and just about everyone else seems to be receiving government handouts. In return, so we are told, there will be accountability. Will this be the same accountability that they have subjected a double killer to?

My children are grown up, they long since flew the nest, but when they were small, we told them, ‘If you find yourself in a scary place, mom and dad are not around, find a policeman, or find a phone and call 911.’

I might rethink that statement. What worked in the 80’s and 90’s does not seem to work in our ‘brave new world’. Who can you trust?

You can catch the unedited version of the program here.

OH, and a question that we were asked today, and unable to answer… what is Adam Tavss current status. The answer is, I believe he is now a desk jockey, but I will be dogging the Miami Beach PIO tomorrow. I’ll bet he will be as happy to talk to me as discovering he has hemorrhoids! Good Times, hope he has a good supply of Prep H.

Simon Barrett

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