The M.G.I. Group Ltd is an ECA Approved company formed in 2003 as a solution based company specifically in the areas of energy reduction programmes for clients who have a requirement to reduce energy costs.
Company Director David Smith explains, “At Stowe School our client requirement was to find suitable energy methods of reducing fuel costs for heating and hot water annually on site, with a maximum payback of 12 months. M.G.I. Burner Management was installed where conventional boilers were found on site, which improved the operating efficiency of the boilers saving oil and gas consumption.
 All pipe work in the plant rooms were insulated and thermal covers were manufactured by M.G.I. and fitted where valves, flanges were found to be uninsulated. This reduced energy wastage significantly further on oil and gas. The Insulation reduced carbon emissions into the atmosphere by lowering boiler house temperatures and improved health and safety in the plant rooms from burning from exposed valves and flanges,” continues David.
Loft spaces were insulated with bespoke insulation to retain the heat within the space below and prevent wastage through the loft space. A Thermal retention pool cover was fitted to site to prevent heat loss from the swimming pool, which subsequently reduced chemical usage and the amount of oil and gas consumed.
This has resulted in a significant saving to the school in both utility costs i.e. gas oil and electric consumption, and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.
The M.G.I. Group has expanded to meet market and client requirements whilst continuing to improve our product range. With all M.G.I.s attributes and commitment merged with unrivalled industry experience, the M.G.I. team is fully prepared to meet any customer’s requirements nationally.
For organizations looking to reduce energy costs M.G.I. has a broad based range of solutions to deliver reductions in energy costs on site by up to 30%, visit our website  to find more detailed information.
We are privileged to be part of working with clients such as Stowe School and look forward to assisting other clients who are passionate about real time energy savings,” resumes David.

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