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Mexican Lawmakers Brawl in Congressional Chamber Before Inauguration; Part of Cabinet Sworn In

Leftist lawmakers threw punches and chairs at their conservative colleagues and some tried to block the doors of the congressional chamber Friday just an hour before incoming President Felipe Calderon was to take the oath of office there.

Ruling party lawmakers, chanting “Mexico wants peace,” seized the speaker’s platform where Calderon was supposed to appear, while leftist opponents blocked most of the chamber’s doors.

The brawl was shown on live television across Mexico.

This prying1 wonders if our Congress should follow suit and utilize pay-for-view to garner much needed funds to pay for social welfare programs?


Felipe Calderon was sworn into office in a midnight ceremony with outgoing President Vicente Fox, and at the same time swore in part of his Cabinet. A private ceremony was broadcast live showing Fox turning over the presidential sash to a military cadet when his term ended at midnight.

Calderon was quoted as saying, “I am not unaware of the complexity of the political times we are living through, nor of our differences, but I am convinced that we today we should put an end to our disagreements and from there, start a new stage whose only aim would be to place the interests of the nation above our differences.”

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who lost the presidential election to Calderon by a narrow margin, gathered thousands of supporters in the capital’s main plaza, and thousands of riot police surrounded Congress to block them from moving in.

Lopez Obrador has set up a parallel government and declared himself “legitimate president” of Mexico. The Leftist Loser might some day wake up to reality and see that he is doing his country much harm through his actions. Then again perhaps he already knows this and that is why he is acting the fool.

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