Why Mexico is so upset about installing a fence along 700 miles border? The fence is just a symbolic gesture by the White House to keep the republican voters happy. The US border with Mexico is 3000 miles long but fencing 700 miles is not going to stop the Mexicans from crossing into the United States. These fences will not prevent Mexicans from sneaking into the US anyway. Why waste tax payer’s money??

The biggest reason are the elections in November. The republicans are concerned that they will lose the Senate and the House. So this stop gap arrangement is to calm down the voter fear.

But Mexico is unhappy. Even though Vincente Fox knows it is an election stunt by the White House, he condemns it. Fox needs to appeal to his elecorate and show that he is tough on the United States. Hee wants to keep the Mexican pride high.

Politicians everywhere in the World are the same. They are self centered and bad.

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