At the beginning of September, Channel 5 News revealed a shocking story in Roma, Texas. As their cameras chronicled, each morning dozens of Mexican kids are crossing the border from Mexico into the Texas border town of Roma to attend an American school, free of charge. You read that correctly. American tax money is funding the education of kids who actually live IN Mexico and who are illegally crossing the border every single day to attend U.S. schools. I have waited a suitable period of time to bring this story up, hoping that the national news sources will pick up on this absurd violation of our National sovereignty and misuse of our tax money… yet not a peep has been heard to my knowledge.

It is estimated that $4 million has been spent on Mexican kids just in Roma, Texas, alone. And no one really even knows how much has been thrown down the rat hole in other Texas border towns, not to mentions similar towns in other border states.

News Channel 5 reported on the 6th of September that these Mexican kids are getting a free education from US taxpayers because the county schools do not have very stringent residency requirements. (See video here)

Even more ridiculously, school administrators report that they aren’t even allowed to ask if a student is a U.S. citizen before admitting them to class.

The report also reveals that no one in the school system is even bothering to keep track of how many schools are giving a free education to children whose parents are not U.S. taxpayers.

Here is the full Channel 5 report:

Taxpayer Money Used to Educate Mexican Nationals — Over four million spent in Roma alone

ROMA – An estimated 650 kids from Mexico are going to public school in Roma.

They come to America for a better education.

The annual cost of an education is nearly $7,000 a student, which works out to $4,500,000 spent on Mexican students of your tax dollars spent. That’s in Roma alone.

The truth is, no one knows the actual money being spent, because no one is actually keeping track.

The reason? Parents only have to prove U.S. residency once. After that, the student is set until they graduate.

Proving residency is as simple as providing a Roma address.

School administrators say they can’t ask if a student is a legal U.S. citizen.

Administrators say American students don’t “do without” because of students from Mexico. They tell us the district gets state and federal funding for every student, even those from across the border.

Is this not outrageous? I certainly find it so.

Then, why have the national news services all ignored this story?

But, we really do know why this isn’t being stopped by the county and state school districts, don’t we? It’s because Federal and state monies are dolled out to our schools by the amount of children counted filing seats in the schools. That being the case, there is no way they will do the right thing and refuse these kids. After all, the more kids in their schools, the more money the schools receive for their budget.

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