Snake oil sales disguised as an Insurance Company? Metro Public Adjusters claim to make ‘claims’

To be honest us 54 year-old men don’t have many job opportunities.  I have learned this the hard way. My business was sold out from under me at the end of February 2014.  I received a golden parachute — with a anvil attached.  I would have rather received a stock certificate to Milo Minderbender’s multi-national.  What’s a guy to do who has  5 novels under his belt, but only enough monthly royalties coming into pay for his wife’s car wash?  Need I say that I also have a mortgage, utilities, health insurance, dogs to feed. You all know the score, I need a job.  As a bridge, I dusted off my substitute teacher’s license and have been paying the bills that way. Everyone knows what happens in early June to us teachers, right? Classes end and so do the jobs.

Bearing this in mind, I started looking for gainful employment.  The only companies hiring men (and probably women) my age are insurance companies of all shapes, sizes and what I found out after three months scams! (By the way, I am not in the mood for working on a commission and cold call basis).

That right, being hired for a job that you think might be rewarding and throw you a few bucks turns out to be a scam.

Let us visit what a Insurance Public Adjuster SHOULD be.  Someone who is duly licensed, bonded and educated at serving the insured, when the insured feels that his/hers insurance company is not treating them fairly.

With that in mind I was recruited at Metro Public Adjusters out of Bensalem, PA.  I should have stopped there. I wasn’t recruited by a headhunter or an employment agency. I was recruited by a friend who thought this was the next great thing. I like this friend of mine. He is a hustler and a well meaning hustler. “We going to help the little people against the big bad insurance companies!” he screamed and I screamed right along with him.

Then we went to a meeting where I had to pony up $40. I should have knew then. But I went along with the game plan. Well I wasn’t educated on becoming an adjuster, I was educated on multi-level marketing. That is right – Metro Public Adjusters is a Amway for insurance policies.  You recruit and hope that your recruits find claims that are legit. Most are questionable at best.  If you are having problems finding a claim there is always this line “I noticed that you have a spill on your carpet. You policy lets you receive a BRAND NEW CARPET — quick sign here and give us 35%!”

Still in training, I received a bona fide certificate from the State of Ohio that I had a license in something that I am not qualified. They helped me gain that along with a bond.  Amazing is it not?

Problem is, I am afraid unless someone has a legit claim, they might end up making their insurance company very angry and losing their policy or having their premium hiked.

Note from editor: When Sam started on this quest I had a queasy tummy. I am glad that he saw the light before getting pulled in. For all of you entrepreneurs here is the web side to avoid. 

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