titleTrick or Treat

Eddie Weinbauer (Marc Price, Skippy from Family Ties!) is a typical high school outcast. A bit of a loaner, a bit of a nerd, Eddie has one other trait to add to his outcast status. He’s a metal head. With greasy black hair and ripped up clothes to match, most people in the small town school tend to ignore Eddie. This small town has another metal head claim to fame though. Eddie’s idol, shock rocker metal god Sammi Curr (Toni Fields, he likes to dance. Alot.). Sammi Curr is at constant odds with the US government for trying to censor him, and this time around, the local government has banned him from playing the Halloween Dance at his alma mater. Then one day, Sammi dies in a horrible hotel fire, and poor Eddie believes all is lost.

When Eddie stops by the local radio station to pout his emo ways to all star DJ Nuke (Gene Simmons, If you have to ask, you’re not going to get this movie) he gets a pleasant surprise. Nuke gives him the master recording of Sammi Curr’s final album, finished just before his death. Eddie heads home, plays the record, plays it backwards and discovers hidden lyrics on a metal record! Who’d a thunk it? All is wicked awesome with our shaggy haired little nerd until the truth behind the lyrics comes forth, and Evil Sammi Curr returns from the dead to reap the harvest of horny teenagers from high schools all over the world!


Now how can you possibly pass up a description like that? It’s got everything! Evil metal rockers, sad little loaner kids, boobs, preppies and halloween candy! Its a little light on plot, but when has that ever stopped me?

On the surface, Trick or Treat appears to be a simple little horror flick trying to take itself too seriously. After you dig in a bit however, we come to see it lies more on the spoof side rather than the serious side, and our film experience grows to be a bit more fun. With our head baddy with his big hair and tight leather pants, the laughs set it early on. When we mix in the token backwards lyrics and metal garb, the laughs grow to new lengths. The killer here though is not the gallon of Aqua Net atop Sammi Curr’s head, but the pacing of a flick that could be full of cheesy goodness.

Taking forever to get to the meat of the action, Trick or Treat starts out as a sleepy exercise in character development. Granted this is something oft over looked in the horror genre, we reach levels of over achievement this time around. We take the time to learn about how sad and lonely Eddie is. We take the time to learn just how much he loves his heavy metal. We take the time to learn who his high school crush is, and we even take the time to see how he does his laundry. Like I said, character development is generally glossed over, but there is a point where we’ve gone to far and your viewer tends to stop caring. Such is the case of Trick or Treat. With a solid sixty to sixty five percent of the film taken up with said development, it gets to be a bit tortuous to sit through.

As we finally round our way to the action and excitement, we are left with too little time to enjoy it, as the flick is mostly over. But once we get there, what we get is some cheesy delight. (Much like cheese wiz.) Picture if you will, a man looking much like Frank-N-Furter only some how gayer, prancing about on stage in some kick ass boots. Throw in some acrobatic dance moves including flips, splits and spins, and the fromage begins to rise. Cap all of this off with wicked (WICKED!) guitar solo culminating in shots of lightening firing upon the crowd as Curr begins to slaughter the innocents, and now we have arrived. This is Rock. This is Cheese. This is…still pretty horrible.

The rest of the movie is packed full of chees-a-rific goodness as Curr begins to jump from radio to radio as he begins to venture outside the school to find more prey. When we find out that his weakness is water, we are treated to an enjoyable scene as the man trips over his own high heels landing with his arm the toilet. We’re treated to an 80’s babe complete with mall hair wreaking total havoc on a radio station. We’re treated to skippy falling in love and getting a kiss from his high school sweetheart in the end. See folks, metal heads are people too. Something we should all take the time to consider now and then.

Trick or Treat is a blast from the past. Not a good film by any means, and rather boring until we get to the last third of the movie. That last third of the movie is a fun watch however, and makes this one worth the time to stop during a late night channel surfing marathon. Hell, I think you can get this turd at Wal Mart for about $3 these days, so why the hell not? Worked for me!

2.5 Emo Metal Kids out of 5

Oh yah, and one final bonus making this movie worth sitting through? Ozzy Osbourne as a preacher!

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