The body of a man that died from the asbestos related cancer known as mesothelioma is finally being buried two weeks after his actual funeral. The man, from New Jersey, died of asbestos related cancer, but he and his family had sued a number of companies for compensation claiming that they had caused the exposure to asbestos, which then led to the illness.

Two of the companies that Harold St John and his family had sued had obtained an order forbidding the burial of St John until an autopsy had been carried out on the body. Between the 1950s and 1960s St John is said to have worked in an auto repair shop, where he was exposed to the asbestos that could be found in many of the auto parts.

The two companies, Honeywell International and Chrysler Motor Corp, wanted an autopsy on the sixty seven year old man to determine whether his condition had been the result of their products. However, their request was initially agreed but the order was then reversed by an appeals court.

The family of the man said: “Finally we heard this morning from our attorneys at around 11:30 that the order has been lifted and we can finally lay my husband and my children’s father to rest in peace. Our entire family feels in our hearts that this is a national victory for all sufferers of mesothelioma.”

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