A UK woman who contracted the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma has put her faith in Germany to try and help her to fight the disease. The woman was diagnosed with the cancer two years ago and was given just months to live. However, since trying out pioneering treatment in Germany her cancer has gone into remission.

Forty nine year old Debbie Brewer was diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer in 2006. She decided to opt for paid treatment at the University Clinic in Frankfurt. She had contracted the cancer from asbestos exposure from her father’s clothing because she used to hug him as a child.

The treatment that she has been using in Germany is known as chemoembolisation, and is usually used to fight liver cancer. The treatment involved inserting a catheter into the lung to administer drugs directly to the tumour. She has been told that the tumour has now shrunk by more than fifty percent, that it is in remission, and that it will not return.

Mrs Brewer said: “It feels like I have been given my life back. After I was first diagnosed, the chance to see the children grow up, to see grandchildren, I thought I had lost all of it. Not even a lottery winner could feel like this. I haven’t taken it all in yet but at the moment it is my little miracle.”

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