A lung cancer victim from the UK has learned that her tumor has shrunk by nearly three quarters as a result of innovative treatment that she underwent in Germany. Debbie Brewer from Plymouth in the UK had been told that she had the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma, and that she only had months to live.

Brewer decided to travel to Germany to undergo experimental treatment there, and she paid for this process herself. Since having the treatment she has been told that the tumor has shrunk by seventy three percent, and is said to be thrilled by the news.

The forty nine year old woman claims that she contracted the cancer from hugging her father as a child when he came home from work. Her father was a dockyard worker, and after her diagnosis she was awarded a six figure sum from the Ministry of Defence.

She now wants the experimental treatment to be trialled in the UK. Brewer stated: “I was so anxious beforehand but this is brilliant news. Seventy three per cent down is a further 20 per cent on the results I received in December so I’m absolutely thrilled. It’s a massive difference to go from being told you have months to live to being in remission.”

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