A man who was diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma two years ago has bet on his own life – and won. The man from Milton Keynes in the UK was diagnosed with the deadly cancer more than two years ago, and since then has been living on borrowed time.

According to a recent report he walked into a betting shop last September and bet one hundred GBP (around two hundred dollars) that the prediction made by his doctor – that the man would be dead by Christmas – would not come true. Having beaten the odds, fifty eight year old Jon Matthews collected his winnings, and now says that he plans to spend them on booze, cigarettes, and theme parks with white knuckle rides.

With regards to the bet Matthews stated: “I thought it would be a bit of fun and I thought it would give me an incentive to battle this horrible illness and survive a bit longer. The people at William Hill checked all the facts and gave me odds of 50-1.” He added: “The doctor did not mince her words: she said the disease was a death sentence and I probably would not see Christmas.”

An official from the betting shop with which Matthews placed his bet stated: “No one has ever asked us to bet on their own life before. But never have we been so delighted to pay out a winning bet.”

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