A recent report has shown that the number of mesothelioma victims is continuing to rise in the West Midlands area of England. Home to the Black Country, which was know for its rich industrial history, as well as many other industrial areas, this is a region where malignant mesothelioma is said to be rife.

Reports were released by the UK’s Health & Safety Executive, and showed that the rate of the disease had increased amongst both women and men over the past few years, with incidents of the cancer amongst men being particularly high.

Asbestos was once used in a wide range of industries and applications, and it was not until the late 1970s that people began to realise that this was actually a deadly carcinogenic that could cause a range of serious health problems including a deadly form of cancer.

There are certain trades that put the worker at increased risk of exposure to asbestos, and this includes workers such as electricians, plumbers, building contractors, and carpenters, as well as those in the automotive industry.

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